Ball Before the Chain

Ball Before the Chain is a boutique travel and event planning service focused on Bachelor and Bachelorette Party outings.  Ladies and Gents, can sit back, relax and have a BALL… Before the chain.

Why does Ball Before the Chain exist?

Hey Friends!  In case you were wondering how this all came about, this is it...

Ball Before the Chain was created when I stumbled upon the age where my peers and I were getting married and planning all associated events.  Not to mention, I just love a good party and RARELY turn down the chance to celebrate something. And let's be honest, sometimes you’ve gotta celebrate just getting through the weekend and waking up for work on Monday, right?! That’s a hell of an accomplishment for some people if you ask me.   

Having been in the concierge and travel planning business for years I am always a resource for my girlfriends and even my fiancé’s friends when they are planning their Bachelor and Bachelorette getaways.  It’s no secret that a lot of Best Men and Maids of Honor are excited to be a part of the wedding festivities but let’s face it, party planning isn’t their forte.  They also often have jobs and families to think about.  Then, you tack on planning for an entire group of people and the absolute necessity of creating an itinerary that Can. Not. Miss. (or you’ll go down in history as the guy or girl who dropped the ball) and the MOH/Best Man can get overwhelmed.  As luck would have it, I LOVE planning things like this!

Catering to the discerning wedding party looking for a bespoke experience…  My goal is to help groups of great friends enjoy an unforgettable celebration getaway without having to stress over the details.  Ladies and Gents can sit back, relax and have a BALL… Before the chain. Cheers!