Ball Before the Chain

Ball Before the Chain is a boutique travel and event planning service focused on Bachelor and Bachelorette Party outings.  Ladies and Gents, can sit back, relax and have a BALL… Before the chain.

Why you should take your Bach to Vegas

Because… Vegas!  This city was built for these types of occasions.  You can party with your friends any time, day or night.  The pool parties are amazing and the nightlife is like nowhere else.  Las Vegas is generally pretty easy to navigate for a group of girls OR a group of guys.  Finding things you want to do isn’t particularly difficult and actually getting to do them isn’t either.  There are promoters everywhere – crawling the streets and hotel lobbies, late afternoon and early evening, looking for people to go out later that night. The only issue is that you can then be obligated to follow their schedule, sit at their table (most likely) and hang with whomever else they enticed to come along as well.  This is a perfectly acceptable way to get into the clubs if that’s what you want.  If you’re a group of guys, you’re likely going to need to put forth a teensy bit more effort.  Oddly, nightclubs and promoters aren’t begging groups of Average Joe’s to pass the line, come in and drink bottles for free.  They should work on that.  But, until that’s all sorted out, here are some tips: 1 – Split up.  A group of 8 guys is going to wait MUCH longer than sets of 2 or 3.  2 – pool your money and splurge for a table with bottle service.  This has a few benefits.  First, you will reduce outside wait time considerably.  Second, you’ll avoid having to go to the bar and wait AGAIN for drinks that are $20 a piece.  Third, girls like bottle service.  Unless you’re total jerks and/or are hell-bent on dancing just amongst yourselves, you will have some girls who will be interested in joining you at your table (SOME of these women can be referred to as “bottle rats” and we can go over that topic another time if necessary).  3 – if neither of the afore mentioned tips suit you, consider finding some ladies who will walk in with you.  I don’t know why groups of men in General Admission are sometimes seen as club repellant but it happens.  Sorry, I don’t make the rules.  Anyway, Las Vegas has pretty much everything.  You can make it whatever kind of trip you might like.  You can focus on food – there are some world-renowned restaurants there.  You could make it a relaxing trip and go to some of the great spas.  You could always catch a show – Cirque du Soleil or otherwise – the entertainment is top notch.  You can ride rollercoasters. Or you can party!